Balance: The Gray Road to Happiness

Alright! Now that we’ve gotten rid of those pesky and boring explanations of Mania and Depression that I felt obligated to write, it’s time to get to the fun stuff: helping others and spreading my out of the box theory on life, a theory I like to call “The Gray-Zone Theory.”  Yes, I do realize that the Gray Zone is probably has a real meaning that isn’t what I’m talking about and no, I could not care less (unless it’s a legal issue in which I apologize and if you contact me I’ll be more than happy to find a new name for it.  Please don’t sue, I’m a broke college student.)

“Lo, Lo, what in the world is this Gray-Zone Theory you’re talking about.” Don’t worry baby birds, I’ll feed you. (I did steal that one from Daniel Tosh.  He’s funnier than me.)  The Gray-Zone Theory is a theory I have on how the world and every single thing in it truly works.  I believe that the biggest lie humanity has ever believed is that the world is Black and White with a small Gray area between the two.  However, I believe this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is, in the world we live in, there are no true Blacks and Whites; there is nothing that is purely evil and purely good.  “But Lo, we know that’s not true.  There are definitely things that are evil and good.”  You would be right, fictional reader talking to me as I write this; however, everything in life is much more complicated than it seems.  For example, let’s look at taking another persons life.  Pretty universally considered evil, right?  there are situations, however, when killing someone is not pure evil.  What if someone is threatening your life and the only choice you have is to kill them?  Or worse, what if someone is threatening somebody else’s life?  The point is, there is a gray area.  In every single thing on this planet.

Let’s look at people, for example.  Adolf Hitler.  Evil.  I will not argue that.  He was the darkest shade of gray possible.  If there ever was someone who was pure evil, he’d be the guy.  At the time of his death he was the most evil person the modern world had ever seen.  I cannot stress this enough.  He was terrible.  I am not justifying anything he did.  He was awful.  The reason he is a perfect example of why true blacks and whites do not exist in this world is simple: from his eyes, in his mind, he was doing what was good.  He was doing what he thought was best for Germany after he watched his country crumble after World War I.  In his mind, he was in the white zone.  Which perfectly illustrates why this idea that the world has any true blacks and whites is ridiculous; What is truly good and truly bad is a matter of perspective.  Adolf Hitler set out with good intentions (repairing Germany, his home country) but was blinded by his perspective of what was right, he and his supporters’ “white-zone.”  To the rest of us, they were blinded by evil darkness, or the “black-zone.”

Another person we can look at is Mother Teresa.  Fantastic woman.  Great role-model for everyone.  If there was one person who was made of pure goodness, who was a true “white-zone” person, it’d probably be her.  However, you can’t tell me that from the time of her birth to the time of her death she never once did anything that wasn’t good.  I mean, if nothing else, her charitable acts benefited her by making her a household name and a name history will never forget, when charity at its core shouldn’t benefit you other than making you feel good about yourself.  Nobody else should really know what you’ve done if you’re truly doing it with no personal gain.  Anonymous charity is the purest form of charity, yet Mother Teresa is a household name.

Now, those two are the most extreme cases I could think of.  At the most extreme, my theory seems pretty ridiculous.  Even writing this I’m thinking “wow, this is awful.  Lo, you need help.” Which, isn’t wrong, but just bear with me.  I promise this will get better maybe.  The point I’m trying to make is that no one on Earth shares the same opinions about every single thing.  Which means believing that there are true blacks and whites is a horrid thing to believe, because as long as the two sides are fighting, there will never be peace.  Whether in the world or in just in yourself, if you cannot find a balance between light and dark you’ll never see clearly.  It’s like standing in a room with no lights at all or in the brightest room with the brightest lights in the world; either way, you can’t see clearly.  Balance between these two forces is the only way to find the road to happiness.

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that in my previous two posts I called Mania the “blinding light” of Bipolar Disorder and Depression the “drowning sea of darkness.”  Finding a balance between these two things is my first step on the road to happiness, and where this theory first entered my mind.  The more and more I thought about it, the more and more I realized that this applies to everything in life.  Let’s look at politics for example.  Whichever side you are on, you believe that the other side is wrong, or “in the black-zone.”  However, neither of the two should exist without the other.  Sure, on paper, it looks possible, but this isn’t paper.  This isn’t a theoretic world without human flaw.  This is reality, and human flaw is a factor.  Pure Liberal views are not fiscally possible; without incentives to work harder and make more money, no one will work hard and money will cease to be made.  On the other side, Pure Conservative views won’t work either because it would cause suffering to too many people.

Within your own self, you have to find a balance between selfishness and selflessness.  A life full of selfishness would be pointless; Who cares how much money you have or how successful you are if you have no one to share it with?  At the same time, a life of pure selflessness wouldn’t be much of a life because you wouldn’t be able to do anything for yourself that makes you happy.  Even if helping others is what makes you happy, you have to be able to pay for it somehow, and the only way to do that is to do something for yourself to make money.  Balance is something that has to be found in order for you to be happy without harming the happiness of others.

If you still think I’m insane, look at it this way.  On a biological level, everything tries to find a balance called “homeostasis.”  Your body keeps a balance on the chemicals in it in order to make you function at the best level possible.  In nature, predators and prey have to keep a balance.   If there are too many predators, then there isn’t enough prey to sustain all of the predators life.  If there aren’t enough predators to control the prey, then the resources they use to sustain life will disappear and then they will cease to exist.  Balance makes the world function in every other aspect, so why is it so crazy to think that balance in humanity and beliefs isn’t the only way to achieve happiness and peace?

Balance between White and Black creates Gray, and it is in that Gray-Zone that humanity lives and will be able to thrive and achieve things beyond imaginable.

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